51 Weeks to Go!

51 Weeks to Go!

With 51 weeks to go, we are less than 1 year away from the 2018 Lancaster Fiber Festival in Lancaster, PA and the excitement is building with quickly with new classes and instructors being confirmed almost daily!

I was fortunate to meet Penny Hurst at a workshop we both attended in Santa Fe, NM, a few years ago. During our time together we ended up eating a lot of great meals, took beautiful photographs, visited museums and, despite a visit to the urgent care center, managed to have a wonderful time.

The past few years have allowed us to get together once a year. Luckily, Quilt Market is in Houston and Penny lives outside of the city. Thankfully, she had made it through the recent storms with minimal damage and I plan to see her at the upcoming Quilt Market in October!

She has impressed me with her vision, her incredible skill as an embroiderer, and her ability to try unusual combinations of patterns and materials. And, I’m happy to announce, Penny will be teaching classes everyday at the 2018 Lancaster Fiber Festival. Taking a class with her will not only teach you new skills but will help you begin a new adventure with fiber.

Here are photos of some of the classes you can take with Penny.