49 Weeks to Go!

Class proposals are still arriving! The deadline for proposing classes is 10/1/17. If you are interested in teaching, you still have time to submit your class ideas. Please contact me at lancasterfiberfestival.com (on the contact page) or lancasterfiberfestival@gmail.com.

I have spoken about some of the things that are going on so far, so today I thought I should talk a little about myself and how this idea came to be.

I have been a fiber person for as long as I remember. It started learning the button-hole stitch in Girl Scouts, through earning an MFA in Fiber & Mixed Media, to working on my pattern and kit line today.  My favorite type of needlework is canvas embroidery and I have been designing my own canvases since high school.

Also, I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher or CZT. I was able to study with Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas to learn this fascinating drawing technique.  I have found Zentangle has opened new opportunities for me and made me stronger and more confident in pursing other artistic ideas. Since it is my event, Zentangle has to be included with the hopes that it will do the same for you!

For the past year, I have been working as an independent contractor for a number of publishers and craft businesses. I work in sales, marketing and on special projects. Previously, I was an account manager for Fox Chapel Publishing. During my time at Fox Chapel I attended a number of national trade shows and met a lot of manufacturers, designers and store owners. I love the idea of bringing people together and trying to create relationships that previously did not exist. I not only, “think outside the box”, I’m the person who most likely will destroy and rebuild the box just to see how I can make it better.

There are several wonderful retail fiber events around the country and I have noticed a trend of expanding existing shows to included other mediums. This seems like a good idea as It increases the show’s ability to bring more guests to their event. Since so many of us enjoy multiple mediums, it gives the venders the opportunity to expand their sales and customer base. It will give the consumer the opportunity to try new materials, techniques and ideas that will help them in their own artistic endeavors. So the Fiber Festival will include paper, fabric, yarn and thread in many forms. I have not found another retail show that hosts all of these mediums, it may exist, but I haven’t found it yet.

So the stars have aligned and the time seems right to try to bring a major event together to celebrate the many types of fiber art. I have a small group of advisors, who are still taking my telephone calls and emails. They have been generous with their suggestions and support. At this point, I am terrified yet optimistic that this is going to be a tremendous success! Then I think we will go on the road, there is a Lancaster, Ohio, California, South Carolina….