48 Weeks to Go!

What’s your favorite medium?

Class proposals are due on October 1, 2017.  We have received some amazing class ideas from all over the country.

When you attend the Lancaster Fiber Festival, we hope you will find classes that will fill all three days if our event.  Whatever your preferred medium, you will be able to spend your days learning from nationally and regionally recognized teachers.

Teachers and classes will be announced by 11/1/17.

The second purpose of the Lancaster Fiber Festival is to encourage you to try something new.  It seems that for those of us who love fiber, we are always looking for new ideas and are often intrigued by what others are doing.  For the quilter you may be interested in trying Zentangle, a drawing technique that many quilters find useful in their free motion quilting.  If you love embroidery, maybe you would like to refresh those knitting skills.  No matter what your main interest, we will do our best to help you discover your new passion.

There will be 38 demonstrations by teachers, guilds, manufacturers and vendors on the Event Stage.  The Demonstration will 15 to 20 minute mini class that will introduce you to the topic.  It may be a new material or technique or a new way to use an old favorite.  Demonstrations are free with General Admission.  A complete demo listing will be on the website and in your program.

So come to learn something new!